2018 DATES
01Feb18: OLA Super Conference, Toronto ON. info
04Feb18: Ginger Nation, SF Indie, CA. info
08Feb18: Ginger Nation, SF Indie, CA. info
13Feb18: The Violet Hour, Montreal QC. info
11Apr18: An Evening Of Oversharing, Toronto ON. info
23Apr18: The Next Chapter, CBC Radio1. info

25Mar17: LOL Sudbury, Sudbury ON. info
28May17: Inside Out Film Festival, Toronto ON. info
02Jun17: Book Expo America, New York, NY.
27Jul17: The Agenda, TVO. link
02Sep17: The Richard Crouse Show, News Talk 1010 info
02Sep17: Red Hot Cabaret, Toronto ON. info
14Sep17: Kobo Fireside Chat, Toronto ON.
15Sep17: Ward & AL Show, SiriusXM
16Sep17: Oversharing Launch, Toronto ON. info
21Sep17: Morning Show, Global TV.
22Sep17: Hear and Now, CBC Radio One. info
24Sep17: Word On The Street, Toronto ON. info
20Oct17: The Social, CTV.  info
27Oct17: IFOA Markham, Markham ON. info
01Nov17: eTalk,  CTV 1. info
12Nov17: Cucalorus Festival, Wilmington NC. info
24Nov17: Chapters/Indigo, (Signing) Newmarket ON
29Dec17: Singalonga Sound Of Music, TIFF. info
30Dec17: Singalonga Sound Of Music, TIFF. info
31Dec17: Singalonga Sound Of Music, TIFF. info