Ginger Nation

From city to city, audiences have lined up to join Shawn Hitchins and his Ginger Nation. Having debuted at Edinburgh to standing-room-only houses and unprecedented media coverage, the redheaded comedian continues to spread his candid and profane story of would-be fatherhood. Hitchins’ fiery account as a sperm donor to a lesbian couple is hilarious and profane. On his personal mission to repopulate the earth with redheads, he recounts memories from adolescence, brushes with celebrity, feats of masturbation, and discovers what it means to be ginger and proud.


“A really engaging and wonderful storyteller… quite surprisingly, rather moving.”

GayTimes UK

“Witty and ribald, Hitchins also throws a few curveballs as he contemplates the notion of becoming a parent, even tangentially, and learning to grow up when he least expected it.”

Chronicle Herald

“a polished entertainer who excels in masturbatory humour (in the best sense) but is also movingly vulnerable as he talks about the isolation of growing up different.”

The Coast

“Relatable yet wildly unique, funny yet moving, delightful in the moment yet thought- provoking after the lights went off.”

Mooney On Theatre

“It’s a skillfully written script and his timing is nearly always pitch perfect with plenty of emotional oomph.”


“A refreshingly candid story that exposes the universal human desire to start a family.”

West End Wilma

“Hitchins is a brave enough performer to not just hit the audience with a genuine emotional blinder, but also to successfully pull them back into the safety of laughter afterwards.”

Broadway Baby

“A beautifully polished comedy of wit and silliness, but it’s also incredibly uplifting.”

The Way I See It

Live Recording


Redheads are hot. Television series such as The CW’s Riverdale and Netflix’s Anne are filling our screens with images of ginger glory. But Toronto comedian Shawn Hitchins has made flame-haired world domination his mission for years.

Ginger Nation documents Hitchins’ hilarious and heartfelt one-man show as the affable entertainer recounts his experience as a sperm donor to his lesbian friends. Hitchins’ spunky storytelling effortlessly weaves tales from his adolescence and his brushes with celebrities with bizarre tales of turkey basters and masturbating in increasingly suspect bathrooms.

But Hitchins also reveals an unexpected and touching vulnerability as he examines what it means, as a gay man, to become a biological father, and his fears that his ginger DNA will produce a child fated for the same isolation that Hitchins experienced growing up.

Filmed by Mitch Fillion (Southern Souls), the back-to-back performances that make up the final footage in Ginger Nation were shot continuously and without prior rehearsal, in order to capture the natural idiosyncrasies of live theater. The result is an immediate interpretation of a well-crafted and exercised performance. Fillion’s expert eye for capturing live musicians finds a natural ease with comedy and allows the storytelling to shine in this intimate piece about modern parenting.


“The film is often laugh out loud funny as it critiques political correctness while contributing a productive first-person account of owning one’s identity and expressing it through a unique, authoritative voice.”

POV Magazine

“Shawn Hitchins is fearless in an endearing way… an all-or-nothing experience, and Hitchins is willing to deliver it all.”


“Vastly entertaining.”

Huffington Post

“Toronto comedian Shawn Hitchins is funny. Really funny.”

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