Canadian actor-come-comic-come-performer, Shawn Hitchins returns to this year’s Edinburgh Festival to take to the street’s in the city’s first ever Ginger Pride march, inviting all those who are red, orange and pale to partake… plus all us ginger allies. For his sake, let’s hope the Scots see the funny side. I catch up with Shawn […]

 “An’ here I go again on my own. Goin’ down the only road I’ve ever known!” Okay, quoting Whitesnake is inane, but somewhat appropriate. Anyway, the last show at the Flying Beaver Pubaret™ was a success with a great turnout  – plus I didn’t bomb. I’m very very happy with this show, in a way I’ve […]

The return of Shawn Hitchins and his brand new show In June of last year, Shawn Hitchins dramatically ended his cabaret career with one final show Shawn Hitchins: Fire (Crotch) Sale! saying that he had a new story to tell and cabaret wasn’t the right medium for it. “I have an awesome, incredible, embarrassing, gritty […]

In 1994, I sat in the desk beside Jen Squires, turned to her and said, “Do you got any cheese?” This was my Urkel-ice-breaker and a sure fire way to make new friends. Jen laughed right back in my face and has never let me forget my first words to her. Who would have thought that 17 […]

After a year-long self-imposed break from creating and writing and self producing, I’m happy to announce my new show: Shawn Hitchins, Ginger Nation. Ginger Nation marks my departure from cabaret and music to stand-up and storytelling. It’s an incredibly personal show that recounts my two-year process as a sperm donor and reflects on what it […]