Since Christmas, I’ve been in the process of letting go; to rid myself of nostalgia, stories, and stuff. It hasn’t been easy, AND it’s directly mirrored the death work following both Matt and David’s passing. I’m confronting the stuff I’ve used to bolster my own narratives and shape my identity. This transformation work isn’t a […]

I keep thinking about longevity and how durational thinking was antithetical to my recovery. It’s not that I’ve abandoned the principles of long-term thinking or planning –– professionally, I have multiple projects on the go and a ten-year plan. Personally, longevity doesn’t work for me anymore, so I’ve started to reframe how I think about […]

I bought a copy of An Actor Prepares by Stanislavski during my second attempt at theatre school in 2000. I think I skimmed it. I wasn’t a serious actor and didn’t care about the method –– this quality about myself remains true. Over the Christmas break, while cleaning out my apartment preparing for a huge life move, […]

Embodied is a thrown-around word to mean anything. I hear it in Instagram stories, YouTube workouts, and Drag Race episodes. Podcast hosts should have a bell to ding each time a guest uses it in a conversation. (I googled a phrase to mean the overuse of a word and landed on semantic satiation.) Semantically, I’m satiated. Embodied or Embodiment […]

This blog is about embracing uncertainty and celebrating language. These are the weird paths my brain takes, the ideas that keep me curious, and the moments that make me laugh. I’m exhausted by concretized opinions, chewed moments, and positioned experiences. This space is about sharing what I don’t know as a mid-life investigation of the […]