UNO Fest 2014

Uno Fest

Team Ginger was flown out to Victoria, BC for two shows as part of the 2014 UNO Fest. What an awesome experience that started with this spread in the Times Colonist (front page, above the fold… yes please)!

UNO Fest is a unique festival that celebrates solo performers of all types: from actors to magicians to comedians to folk singers. Often solo performers get buried in a festival lineup, but UNO Fest is brave and spotlights a spectrum of solo acts for its patrons.

This was what I’d call a dream gig. I was given the grand treatment, from the flight to the beautiful digs at Hotel Rialto (a newly refurbished boutique hotel that offers all the comforts of home – if your home has a lot of marble and free cheese plates). Thank you to Pam who greeted me at the airport with a care package of gluten-free pretzels, trail mix, craft beer and water. Amazing!

I am honoured by the audience members who stayed behind to share their deeply personal stories about trying to start a family. It’s truly the reason why I continue to tell this story. I’m still laughing after being followed back to my hotel by a ginger librarian who was panicked because her sperm donor was on the ferry from Vancouver and she was ovulating.

“I have a suitcase filled with syringes” is an image I’ll never forget!

Thanks to Janet, Heather and Sean at Intrepid Theatre for including Ginger Nation in UNO Fest 2014. Also, thanks to Alyksandra for one of the easiest techs in the world and Justin for your kick-ass videography skills!

Till next time!



Bear In Truck

I passed this pickup truck on the way to Victoria International Airport. What an image to leave with. I love BC!

I met the fabulous Dame Mailarta (Dale Roberts). I look sweaty as hell because it was like performing in a sauna. Photo: Dale Roberts