The Ginger Spring

Hello Shawntourage!

I know it’s been a long time… but a lot of things have been brewing since taking Edinburgh by storm last August. Of course there was a huge adjustment period after the Festival and I binge watched a lot of Netflix, but soon it was time to get back to work. The winter was all about planning and working towards undertaking the next phase and I’m excited to share some news… The Ginger Spring!

In This Update:

  • Hitchins Signs First Television Deal.
  • Sing-a-long-a Grease Screenings in Ontario.
  • Ginger Nation comes to Victoria, BC.
  • 2014 Ginger Pride Walk in Edinburgh


After months knotted like macramé, I’m happy to announce that this spring I signed my first television deal with DHX Media. It’s a unique production and a series development deal that will bring the live stage version of Ginger Nation to an exciting new audience. 

Although a lot of details have yet to be released, the newly expanded Team Ginger is working towards a fall filming in Toronto. It will be an incredible experience performing this show in front of a hometown crowd and creating a moment that will be enjoyed and shared with a mass audience.

A press release will be issued soon(ish)… please hold. (Team Ginger is unable to comment on this exciting endeavour until everything is perfect and awesome.)

All Hail! The Red, Orange & Pale!


This winter saw many hosting opportunities throughout Ontario with the Sing-a-long-a Sound Of Music and Grease . I’m happy again to be hosting four upcoming Grease screenings in Belleville (May 10 – Empire Theatre) and Toronto (May 16-18, TIFF Bell Lightbox) . Grease is a fun event filled with pink ladies and beehives, join me and let’s sing!

For tickets click the hyperlinks above!


Team Ginger is quickly getting the show back on its feet in time for two shows in Victoria, BC. I’m flying out to the west-coast of Canada for the first time and hope to not only rock the stage but also indulge in the beauty of the Vancouver Island.

Rally the Troops! Join The Ginger Nation!

May 30 & 31 @ Uno Fest

Click here for show and ticket information.


Okay! I know this is what a lot of people want to know…

Unfortunately because I dedicated a lot of my resources towards inking a tv deal, I am unable to bring a new show to the Edinburgh Fringe. I plan on returning with a new show Summer 2015.

However, I had such a blast last year… why not fly to Edinburgh to walk with y’all?

I’m starting to send query emails to various parties in Edinburgh towards organizing another Ginger Pride Walk. If the walk DOES happen, I’ll need to enlist a Red Army to make the event bigger, better and redder. The Ginger Pride Walk must be owned by the community and so there will be a call for volunteers.

The Ginger Pride Walk will be confirmed by July 1.


A dusk to dawn singalong at TIFF Bell Lightbox during Scotiabank Nuit Blanche and of course the holiday Singalonga Sound Of Music –  now celebrating its forth year at TIFF.

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