Thank you: Ginger Pride Walk 2013

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It’s been a month since the Inaugural Ginger Pride Walk and I’m finally getting around to posting my thoughts and expressing my gratitude to everyone who participated in the walk.

There was no way to predict the response this event would create. The Ginger Pride Walk went global with worldwide media coverage from Australia, Bangkok and Finland to the UK, USA and Canada. Not only did the event add to the madness of Edinburgh in August, but also it started a global conversation about gingerisim and bullying.

I want to thank you for your emails and tweets. As a one-man operation, there is no way to respond to everyone. Please know that I love reading your personal stories and please continue to spread the message that, It Gets Redder.

An awesome photo gallery from the Guardian!

Having performed 44 shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, I’m physically and mentally exhausted (not Lindsay Lohan exhausted). I’m back in Toronto recovering, but I’m already plotting my return. I promise that together we’ll paint Edinburgh red next August.

2014: Bigger, Better, Redder.


Oh! And a huge thank you to Ginger Grouse and Party Mania for your support and in-kind donations towards this event!