Added Toronto Date: July 13 – PWYC

Happy July!

The UK debut of Ginger Nation is fast approaching and the show is receiving a lot of buzz across the pond. Both, TheStage UK and Out There have profiled the show and I’ll be posting an upcoming feature by GayTimes UK in the next few weeks!

With all this… I feel like it’s super important to give it one more shot before leaving. So on July 13th, I’ll be doing one-last-final-finito PWYC show at The Flying Beaver Pubaret.

Shawn Hitchins live at The Flying Beaver Pubaret™ 
Saturday July 13 – 7PM 
488 Parliament St 
Toronto, ON 

Shawn Hitchins’ fiery account as a sperm donor is hilarious and heartfelt. On his personal mission to repopulate the earth with redheads, Hitchins discovers what it means to be ginger and proud.

Dinner available, before, during, and after the show. (Dinner reservations get priority seating.) For dinner rezzos e-mail or call 647.247.6567