Edinburgh venture of the red-headed league – TheStage UK

Team Ginger loves this and we promise that the show doesn’t end in a mass orgy. Looks like our press release caught Tabard’s eye! Huzzah! 

Ginger-haired members of society, listen up. If you have ever felt outcast due to your fiery locks, through the power of theatre you can now come together to explore the possibility of “repopulating the earth with red-headed comrades”.

At this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe, a show called Ginger Nation promises to “fight back” against Kick a Ginger Day – yes, this really exists, there is even a website – and the “circling gangs of ginger-bashing gingerists”.

Comedian Shawn Hitchins, himself a redhead, will be performing the piece to let others know about his own experience of trying to claw back power for the carrot-topped. The show is said to include “tales of his adolescence, brushes with celebrity and admirable feats of masturbation that’ll leave your mouths wide open”.

Having been a sperm donor for a lesbian couple, the Canadian performer is sure to share insightful anecdotes and practical tips with the audience on how to continue the crusade beyond the show’s run.

Sounds like fun – if you’re ginger. But what about the rest of us?

And what if the show turns into a mass breeding session? After all, when you google the show’s address, one of the venues that comes up is the Sin Club and Lounge, so this could be a realistic outcome. Take note, Hitchins – there is such a thing as ‘art for art’s sake’, and Tabard hopes you communicate this to your audience.