Ginger regenesis – Fab Magazine

The return of Shawn Hitchins and his brand new show

In June of last year, Shawn Hitchins dramatically ended his cabaret career with one final show Shawn Hitchins: Fire (Crotch) Sale! saying that he had a new story to tell and cabaret wasn’t the right medium for it. “I have an awesome, incredible, embarrassing, gritty story, and it can’t be effectively told through song.” All he would reveal about his next project was that it would be a solo ginger-themed comedy show called “Ginger Nation.”

As promised, Hitchins returns with a test night for “Ginger Nation” called “The Bomb.” Because it could easily bomb. And he’s finally revealed his subject: “The whole show is about me being a sperm-donor . . . it was a two year process, and I took that experience and funneled it into a show. I parallel that with trying to save gingers from extinction by making more of them, one lesbian of the time.”

Normally, Hitchins would develop a new show in Toronto and then take it to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This time he’s doing a couple test nights here, then a huge run in Edinburgh to work out the kinks, and bringing a polished show back home for a longer stay in Toronto. Not only should the huge Edinburgh audiences help refine the show, but he’s excited to take a ginger-focused show to a ginger-filled country. “One of the big things I want to do in Scotland is have a ginger pride parade; I want to walk in the shade with these people,” says Hitchins. —Jeremy Willard

The Bomb is Wed, May 8, 7:30pm at The Flying Beaver, 488 Parliament St.