fab Magazine: A Pubic Farewell by Jeremy Willard

“No, I don’t have gonorrhea! I have red pubic hair!” chuckles Shawn Hitchins, in response to speculation regarding the title of his upcoming cabaret: Shawn Hitchins: Fire(Crotch) Sale! Hitchins joins his musical director Mim Adams to present an array of hilarious and talented performers. Andrya Duff opens with her hysterical monologues, Sue Newberry presents selections from her forthcoming EP, and Jonathan CG Bright, Chris Tsujiuchi and Matthew James Hines give their campy six-minute retelling of Steel Magnolias.

Hitchins says, “I’m bringing all my friends together on stage, as well as all these new people that I want to showcase.” This is Hitchins’ final cabaret performance. His show enjoyed great success at the Edinburgh Festival in 2011, but he returned home with the conviction that cabaret cannot contain the story he wants to tell. “I have an awesome, incredible, embarrassing, gritty story, and it can’t be told effectively through song.” Hitchins will tell his tale in a new standup show called Ginger Nation, which will launch in fall 2012 and go on to Edinburgh in 2013. He’s coy about the content of the show but says, “It’s a pretty hilarious story, and I’m excited to take a ginger-focused show to Edinburgh because I’ve never seen so many gingers.”

source fab Magazine