Hi friend!

Well, let’s be honest… these are challenging times right now, but I’m glad to be working on the solutions with you.

I’m using this period to complete my second book Duende (ECW Press, Oct 2021). “Fall 2021?” you ask. “That’s so far away.” YES. Books take a long time to bring to the market and it’s much easier when you’re famous and have ghostwriters. Yes, I am pale as a spirit, but I don’t have a ghostwriter.

I’m just haunted.

With touring cancelled for the next year and a merch in full stock, I’m selling signed copies of Oversharing for double what they’re selling on Amazon. That’s correct, an upsell! Why? Because for every purchase through a major retailer, an author receives 5 cents. “That’s horrible!” you say. I know. 

Fuck you, Jeff Bezos.

So please, if you’ve landed here, consider purchasing a copy of my award-winning book through my website. I will sign, underline my favourite joke, include a glamour shot of my cat, and mail it to you for the all-inclusive price of $30 Canadian.

If you’re a fan, have already read my work or watched Ginger Nation on OUTtv or Amazon Prime, and feel like supporting my work add to my Tip Jar.

A Brief History Of Oversharing ***Signed By Author***

Comedian Shawn Hitchins explores his irreverent nature in this award-winning collection of essays. Signed with free standard shipping. 100% of profits goes directly to the artist.